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  • Raspberry PI RDP

    How to Setup Remote Desktop from a Windows Machine to your Raspberry Pi – Step by Step Guide As I mentioned in the previous post I recently found the need to be able to remote desktop to my Raspberry Pi.  This is a step by step guide on how to set it up. What does this guide […]

  • Raspberry PI Mini DLNA Server

    how to make a raspberry pi media server using MiniDLNA. This will allow you to stream your photos, videos and music around your network. Step 1: What you will need Raspberry pi (I’m using a model A) Another computer if you want to SSH into your pi Hard drive with your media SD card for […]

  • Raspberry Pi Nukkit

    sudo mkdir /home/nukkit sudo adduser nukkit sudo chown -R nukkit:nukkit /home/nukkit/ su – nukkit wget java -jar nukkit-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar And follow through the initial setup. test it .. sudo update-rc.d nukkit defaults  

  • Raspberry PI CarPuter

    It was time to replace the old PC based CarPuter …   Raspberry Pi model A DHCP Server: DNS Server: WiFi Hub: DLNA Server:  

  • Raspberry PI DHCP and DNS Server (dnsmasq)

    SETTING UP A RASPBERRY PI AS A DHCP AND DNS SERVER dnsmasq: If dnsmasq is used as dhcp server, the local hostnames are automatically added “on the fly” to its dns cache. No need for an additional daemon. Dnsmasq is easier to install, and administrate than ISC dhcp-server+bind Its lease file is much easier to […]